Review: Lizard Creek lodge in Fernie, British Columbia

lizard creek lodge fernie

There’s only one thing I love better than fresh powder on a ski day – waking up in a ski-in-ski-out accommodation and being the first one on the chairlift. After years of hearing about how great the snow is at Fernie Mountain Resort, we finally had the chance to try it out. Thankfully, we stayed at Lizard Creek Lodge, which is right next to the chairlifts, offering you the chance to wake up, have a good meal, and ski right from the lodge to the chair. [Read more…]

Review: Rusty Edge Restaurant in Fernie, British Columbia

Rusty Edge Fernie

As mentioned in our story about Fernie, we went to the Rusty Edge restaurant for dinner, which was awesome. We enjoyed their happy hour $5 pints and dug into a soft pretzel with cheese dip, fried pickles, blackened chicken and ribs, sweet potato fries, and a big juicy herbaceous burger, which just so happens to have a generous dose of guacamole. I love pub-style food in general, but this was even better. The blackened chicken was cooked to perfect, slightly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Simply delicious. [Read more…]

Shredding Powder in Fernie, BC

Fernie Skiing

I had long heard about the famous Fernie snow. From the time I started skiing at Mt.Norquay, people kept telling me that I had to experience Fernie. Finally, after six years, we made it happen.

Everyone was right. As Karla and I drove through Fernie and up to the resort, the snow was piled so high on the side of the street that we couldn’t even see the stores and restaurants. It reminded me of growing up in Fort.McMurray. As I checked the forecast on my phone, snow was predicted to fall for the next two weeks straight, including the three days we were there for. For non-skiers and snowboarders, snow is just a hassle, but for people who love to soar down the mountain with the cold air touching their face, fresh snow is like waking up to a warm plate of French Toast. It’s deliciously awesome.

Fernie Mountain Resort

We chose to stay slopeside at Lizard Creek Resort, which offers ski-in-ski-out accommodation. Since experiencing my first ski-in-ski-out accommodation in Panorama, I can’t get enough. Why get in the car every day and drive to the mountain when you can wake up, strap on the skis, and glide your way down from your room to the chairlift? This is the life! [Read more…]

Winter Hiking to Johnston Canyon’s Frozen Waterfalls

Johnston Canyon Upper Fall

  • Attraction: Johnston Canyon
  • Location: Banff National Park
  • Walking distance: 5.2km (3.2 miles)
  • Elevation gain: 135m (443 feet)
  • Cost: Free

Like a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia, the Johnston Canyon frozen waterfalls are truly remarkable. It’s like standing beneath a giant rock-cake with icing sugar running down the sides. The views are simply breathtaking and if you’re visiting Banff National Park in the winter, this is a must-do experience.

Hiking to Johnston Canyon during the winter is usually quite easy. From the car park, it’s only a two or three-hour return trip. You’ll want to hike the entire 5.2-kilometer return trip so that you see both the Upper and Lower Falls. Although you don’t need snowshoes, you may want to bring ice cleats to put on the bottom of your hiking shoes as it can get icy in spots. My family wore regular hiking shoes without ice cleats and although it was quite slippery in some areas, we made it there and back just fine. Sometimes it depends on the weather. [Read more…]

10 Must Do Activities in British Columbia

With Canada’s 150th upon us, a lot of people have Canada on their mind. From coast to coast, there are so many things to do. Let’s start with British Columbia. After asking a lot of travel bloggers what they feel are must-do activities in BC, this is what they said…

Ten Awesome Things to Do in British Columbia

West Coast Trail

Hike the West Coast Trail

(Recommended, written, and photographed by Emily of

The West Coast Trail is famous for so many reasons. The 77km trail along Vancouver Island’s South Western shoreline takes the adventurous hiker through old growth forest, rocky headlands, sandy beaches, and the rainforest BC is well known for. But the hike is not easy! 7 days of mud, roots, beach walking and ladders will have your body hurting but your soul full. Every day on the trail is different, you never really know how the day will turn out. Maybe you will see breaching whales or spot soaring bald eagles high above. Maybe you will swim in Tsusiat Falls and wash your weary feet while enjoying the afternoon sun. Maybe you will get to eat a homemade burger at Chez Moniques! Whatever the trail brings you, you may never totally be the same after reaching the end. After experiencing the harshness of the ocean weather and the terrain of the trail, successfully surviving the WCT makes you feel like you can now conquer anything. Physically you are done, but mentally and emotionally you are so charged up by the beauty of the backcountry that you feel like you can take on anything! The beauty of British Columbia’s West Coast can be seen by anyone from a boat, car or a plane. But by hiking the WCT, you will truly become one with this pristine land and you will have a tremendous appreciation for the animals, the plants and the legends of this very special part of the world. [Read more…]

Three Days in Jasper National Park

Driving the Icefields Parkway

Driving the Icefields Parkway

Our trip began under a blanket of clouds but it wasn’t long before they opened up to reveal the mighty peaks that make the Icefields Parkway so famous.

Known as one of the world’s most scenic drives, it didn’t take long to understand why. Snow-capped mountains, deep valleys of pine trees, sparkling glaciers, and turquoise-coloured lakes are just some of the attractions that make the drive so spectacular.

Although the drive between Lake Louise and Jasper only takes three hours, you’ll want to double that for the many scenic stops you’ll be making along the way. While it’s incredibly easy to keep busy for weeks in Canada’s first national park (Banff NP), we only had three days and decided to pack them with as much activities and scenery as possible. [Read more…]

Becker’s Chalets | Best Places to Stay in Jasper, Alberta

Beckers Chalets Jasper

View from backers chalets jasper

Situated right next to the Athabasca River, just 10-minutes outside the town of Jasper lies Becker’s Chalets. These chalets are nestled in rocky mountain paradise. Not only does the river flow by but there’s also a massive park complete with a kids playground. Our chalet actually opened out onto the park and every morning we’d see Canadian geese munching on the grass. On one morning, we even saw a herd of Elk munching on the grass. Maybe we should have tried it? Must have been a great breakfast. [Read more…]

Dinner at Evil Dave’s Grill in Jasper, Alberta

After another day exploring gorgeous Jasper National Park, including a walk on the Columbia Icefield Glacier and Skywalk, it was time for another gourmet meal. After looking at the best restaurants in Jasper via TripAdvisor, we decided to make reservations at Evil Dave’s Grill.

Evil Dave’s is a locally owned family restaurant serving up a globally inspired menu of “wicked food” with fresh ingredients and creative flare. In all honesty, as soon as I saw appetizers like Crazy Calamari and Lollipop Shrimp, I was sold. [Read more…]

Breakfast and Dinner at Syrahs of Jasper

Syrah's of Jasper

After a beautiful day exploring the scenery of Jasper National Park, including a Jasper Skytram ride and a drive on the Icefields Parkway, it was time for a delicious meal. Since we’re not in Jasper often, my wife and I decided to eat somewhere fancy. After some research, we ended up at Syrahs of Jasper. Ranked very high on TripAdvisor, Syrahs of Jasper provides an intimate, warm-hued atmosphere with gourmet regional Canadian cuisine such as elk and salmon. [Read more…]

Whale Watching in Vancouver, BC

It wasn’t long before a black dorsal fin broke through the water. Like a sharp blade, it sparkled as the sunlight hit the beads of water falling from the fin and back into the Pacific Ocean. It’s an incredible experience to see these beautiful whales off the coast of Vancouver and there’s really no better place to see them in the wild.

killer whales vancouver

whale watching vancouver

It was an incredibly lucky day for everyone on the water. It wasn’t more than 20-minutes from the time we left the pier before the first killer whale graced us with its presence. It was a quick start to what turned out to be an unforgettable day. Over the next three hours, we must have seen a group of whales breach the surface more than 100 times. [Read more…]