Road Trip Canada | Our 150-Day Schedule

One of my favourite ways to travel is by road and it doesn’t get much more epic than a 150-day road trip across Canada to celebrate the country’s 150th by visiting every drivable province and territory to create a web documentary about what makes Canada the great nation that it is while showcasing some of the countries top iconic attractions and landscapes. This is a multimedia adventure spread across this website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ll also be hosting some meet-ups along the way and doing giveaways for you to come join us on an adventure.

If you’re looking to follow along and/or meet us somewhere along the way, you can find our schedule below. It is subject to change and we’re not going to list every activity as we want them to be a surprise. However, you’ll get a fairly solid idea of what provinces and cities we’ll be in throughout the year. Come say hi! [Read more…]

Saving Money in Toronto

When it comes to Canadian cities, Toronto is certainly the most famous. As Canada’s most populated metropolitan area, Toronto is home to soaring skyscrapers, the iconic CN Tower, and many famous sports teams including the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s also the most multicultural city on Earth and one of the safest in North America. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of things to do in Toronto for tourists wishing to experience Canada’s biggest city and plenty of ways to save money as well, such as using CityPASS, which I’ll talk about below.

Best things to do in Toronto

There are so many things to do in Toronto that one blog article is simply not enough to talk about them all. However, there are a couple of attractions you shouldn’t miss.

The CN Tower

Known as one of the wonders of the modern world, the CN Tower is a thrill for everyone. Whether you want to see the expansive city views at day or night, there’s no better place than the CN Tower. With an observation deck located 1, 136 meters above the city, you’ll truly get a bird’s eye view. You can also experience a glass floor, a panoramic restaurant, or the incredible SkyWalk attraction for those looking for a thrill.

Royal Ontario Museum

It’s not easy to earn the “royal status” but the Royal Ontario Museum is one of a kind. Explore art, world culture, natural history, and more as you traverse the exquisite galleries at this world-famous museum. The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada and one of the largest in North America. With over six million items spread out over 40 galleries, you’ll definitely need a full day to learn about dinosaurs, minerals, meteorites, African art, European history, Canadian history, and more!

Casa Loma

Experience the Edwardian era at Casa Loma, a gothic revival style house that just so happens to be the only landmark castle in North America. You’ll find secret passages and tunnels and can see vintage cars from the 1900’s. You’ll also find gorgeous views from the castle’s unique towers. In fact, you can even rent the castle in the afternoons when the museum has been closed to the public.

As you can see, this is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do and see in Toronto and we’ll be exploring much more as we road trip across Canada for 150-days in 2017.

How to save money on these attractions in Toronto

Whether you’re coming from overseas to Toronto or from Canada to Toronto, CityPASS has you covered. If you’re looking to explore the Royal Ontario Museum, the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the  Toronto Zoo, or the Ontario Science Centre, the CityPASS will save you 44%!

To learn more, visit

Canada’s Road to 150

Canada's Road to 150

If you haven’t heard yet, my team and I are producing Canada’s Road to 150, which is one of the biggest #Canada150 campaigns of the year. The Road to 150 is a 150-day nationwide multimedia road trip celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by exploring the uniqueness of this country provincially and collectively while answering the question; What makes Canada special?

We will drive to and through every province and territory (except Nunavut as there are no roads), showcasing Canada’s natural beauty and regional attractions while interviewing Canadians of all cultures and backgrounds. Our aim is to dig deep into what makes Canada such an incredibly inspiring country while showing off the best of Canada’s tourism to Canadians and to the world.

It has taken an insane amount of work to pull this off. It didn’t help that the idea came to me just after Christmas either as I had just missed the deadline for #Canada150 grants. However, after emailing over 200 companies to find a suitable sponsor for the campaign, Best Western decided to support us. Best Western is the perfect sponsor for a campaign like this, as they have hotels all across the country and all across the world. For anyone going on a road trip, they’re conveniently located in almost every province and territory in Canada. Without Best Western, this campaign wouldn’t have happened. [Read more…]

The Calgary International Salsa Congress

Salsa Congress Calgary

Calgary might be known as a “cowtown” but the “salsa dancing fever” is very hot as well. With all sorts of latin-style festivals happening throughout the year as well as various dance schools teaching locals how to move, Calgary is a great place to learn and dance a variety of styles including salsa, bachata, tango, and more.

Since Karla and I love latin music (Karla is Mexican after all), we decided to take dance classes and finally learn the proper footwork and to be able to enjoy dancing a lot more. Then, our dance instructor mentioned the Calgary International Salsa Congress, which is now in its 10th year. We couldn’t miss it.

With performers from all over the world, the Calgary International Salsa Congress is the place to be if you want to see incredible dance performances ranging from salsa, bachata, tango, and even burlesque. With both amateurs and pros competing for awards, the shows go on all night. Starting around 6:30 PM and not ending until almost midnight, there’s a whole lot of entertainment for you to enjoy. [Read more…]

Review: The Saltlik Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta

Saltlik Calgary

The Saltlik is a rare steakhouse restaurant located on Stephen Avenue in the heart of downtown Calgary. In a province known for its beef, an experience to Calgary is not complete without a deliciously well-prepared steak.

Upon entering the Saltlik, you’ll be served a small glass of champagne as you’re shown to your table. Since we arrived during happy hour, we started with some cocktails including a cold pint of Village Wit and a perfectly mixed cocktail called the Stampede Sour. As someone who likes a good rye-based drink, this might just be my new favourite drink. Consisting of Dark Horse Rye, Amaretto, fresh lemon, and egg whites, it’s so good that I ended up having three of them. [Read more…]

Review: The Belvedere Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta

The Belvedere Calgary

Wow. Just wow. My wife and I have a new

Just…wow. My wife and I have a new favourite restaurant in Calgary.

The Belvedere.

Located on beautiful Stephen Avenue (8th Ave) in the heart of downtown Calgary, The Belvedere provides delicious gourmet food that’s bound to delight your senses. From the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. We both loved the ambiance of the place and as we were the first to arrive, I managed to snap some good pictures of our first impression. There’s something about the modernized look splashed over the old brick interior that makes the place both sophisticated and relaxing. [Read more…]

Review: Lizard Creek lodge in Fernie, British Columbia

lizard creek lodge fernie

There’s only one thing I love better than fresh powder on a ski day – waking up in a ski-in-ski-out accommodation and being the first one on the chairlift. After years of hearing about how great the snow is at Fernie Mountain Resort, we finally had the chance to try it out. Thankfully, we stayed at Lizard Creek Lodge, which is right next to the chairlifts, offering you the chance to wake up, have a good meal, and ski right from the lodge to the chair. [Read more…]

Review: Rusty Edge Restaurant in Fernie, British Columbia

Rusty Edge Fernie

As mentioned in our story about Fernie, we went to the Rusty Edge restaurant for dinner, which was awesome. We enjoyed their happy hour $5 pints and dug into a soft pretzel with cheese dip, fried pickles, blackened chicken and ribs, sweet potato fries, and a big juicy herbaceous burger, which just so happens to have a generous dose of guacamole. I love pub-style food in general, but this was even better. The blackened chicken was cooked to perfect, slightly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Simply delicious. [Read more…]

Shredding Powder in Fernie, BC

Fernie Skiing

I had long heard about the famous Fernie snow. From the time I started skiing at Mt.Norquay, people kept telling me that I had to experience Fernie. Finally, after six years, we made it happen.

Everyone was right. As Karla and I drove through Fernie and up to the resort, the snow was piled so high on the side of the street that we couldn’t even see the stores and restaurants. It reminded me of growing up in Fort.McMurray. As I checked the forecast on my phone, snow was predicted to fall for the next two weeks straight, including the three days we were there for. For non-skiers and snowboarders, snow is just a hassle, but for people who love to soar down the mountain with the cold air touching their face, fresh snow is like waking up to a warm plate of French Toast. It’s deliciously awesome.

Fernie Mountain Resort

We chose to stay slopeside at Lizard Creek Resort, which offers ski-in-ski-out accommodation. Since experiencing my first ski-in-ski-out accommodation in Panorama, I can’t get enough. Why get in the car every day and drive to the mountain when you can wake up, strap on the skis, and glide your way down from your room to the chairlift? This is the life! [Read more…]

Winter Hiking to Johnston Canyon’s Frozen Waterfalls

Johnston Canyon Upper Fall

  • Attraction: Johnston Canyon
  • Location: Banff National Park
  • Walking distance: 5.2km (3.2 miles)
  • Elevation gain: 135m (443 feet)
  • Cost: Free

Like a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia, the Johnston Canyon frozen waterfalls are truly remarkable. It’s like standing beneath a giant rock-cake with icing sugar running down the sides. The views are simply breathtaking and if you’re visiting Banff National Park in the winter, this is a must-do experience.

Hiking to Johnston Canyon during the winter is usually quite easy. From the car park, it’s only a two or three-hour return trip. You’ll want to hike the entire 5.2-kilometer return trip so that you see both the Upper and Lower Falls. Although you don’t need snowshoes, you may want to bring ice cleats to put on the bottom of your hiking shoes as it can get icy in spots. My family wore regular hiking shoes without ice cleats and although it was quite slippery in some areas, we made it there and back just fine. Sometimes it depends on the weather. [Read more…]