Gorgeous Views on a Budget | Vancouver, British Columbia

As one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Vancouver is a place that must be appreciated with an incredible view. Whether you’re interested in seeing the skyline from the top of a mountain, looking out over the waterfront while having lunch, or simply staring out at the mountains from your hotel room, there are plenty of options for gorgeous views of this majestic city.

Views from the Sea Bus

A trip to Vancouver wouldn’t be complete without some stunning views of the water and the Sea Bus is a cheap way to do it. Take the Sea Bus to North Vancouver and enjoy incredible views of the harbor, Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, mountains, and the city skyline. The Sea Bus departs every 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Views from Stanley Park

Famous with locals and tourists alike, Stanley Park offers over 1,000 acres of natural beauty bordering the waters of the Pacific Ocean. There are many great views of both the harbor and the city from Stanley Park, and all you need to do is tie up your shoes and go for a walk, rent a bicycle, or strap on some rollerblades. The most popular trail is the Seawall, which runs along the sea from Coal Harbour to Kitsilano offering spectacular views the entire time. Stop at the lighthouse for a jaw-dropping view of the Vancouver skyline. As you make your way around and through the park, you’ll notice plenty of beaches and viewpoints to witness more of the beautiful scenery that makes Vancouver unique.

Views from Grouse Mountain

It’s hard to beat the view seen from the top of Grouse Mountain. Located in North Vancouver, this mountain is home to an alpine ski area, many hiking trails, shows, and an incredible gondola ride that costs $42 for a round-trip with 360-degree views. Save the money and get deeper into nature by hiking up to the top via the Grouse Grind trail.

Views from a Patio

What could be better than relaxing on a warm patio with a beer in hand looking out at world-class views right from your chair? Make your way to Bridges restaurant on Granville Island, which has quite possibly the best patio in town with sweeping views of the waterfront, city, and mountains. Another popular option is the Tea House restaurant near the Western tip of Stanley Park, which offers an outdoor fireplace where you can get cozy while watching the sunset over the Georgia Straight.

Views from the Bedroom

Many of Vancouver’s high-rise hotels offer spectacular views right from your bedroom window. The Sheraton Wall Centre, for example, has balconies off many of their rooms with views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. Another option with more luxury is the Pan Pacific hotel, which is surrounded by panoramic views of the mountains, harbour, and skyline. For those on a budget, Airbnb has plenty of low-cost rooms in high-rise buildings that also have incredible views of the city centre and surrounding area. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of hotels in Vancouver with amazing view.


This article was written as part of the hipmunk #CityLove project. As a paid writer, I have written extensively about cheap hotels in Vancouver as well as the best things to do around the city.


  1. […] this post was written as part of the hipmunk #citylove project. As a paid writer for hipmunk city guides, I’ve written about many world-class cities including Hong Kong and Osaka. I’ve also written about the best things to do in Vancouver. […]

  2. […] This article was written as part of the hipmunk #citylove project. As a paid writer for hipmunk, I have written articles on a number of cities including Hong Kong and Osaka. I have also written about the best things to do in Vancouver. […]