Review: The Belvedere Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta

The Belvedere Calgary

Wow. Just wow. My wife and I have a new

Just…wow. My wife and I have a new favourite restaurant in Calgary.

The Belvedere.

Located on beautiful Stephen Avenue (8th Ave) in the heart of downtown Calgary, The Belvedere provides delicious gourmet food that’s bound to delight your senses. From the moment we walked in, we knew we were in for a treat. We both loved the ambiance of the place and as we were the first to arrive, I managed to snap some good pictures of our first impression. There’s something about the modernized look splashed over the old brick interior that makes the place both sophisticated and relaxing.

The Belvedere Calgary Alberta

The chef prepared a set menu, featuring some of his specialties. We started with homemade bread served with a grilled green onion butter. In addition, the chef prepared a delicious eggplant appetizer. This is when I really knew that we were in good hands. Normally, my wife and I don’t like eggplant because of the texture but this dish was cooked to perfection. It’s amazing when you’re hesitant to eat something and then it blows your mind. It was nice and soft – not mushy – and carried a nice sweet flavour thanks to the balsamic dressing. The goat cheese added a nice creamy texture and it paired nicely with the homemade bread.

Fresh Bread Belvedere

Gourmet eggplant the belvedere

When we finished our appetizers, we were given some time before the main meals came out. This is another feature I noticed about The Belvedere. This is gourmet food, which is meant to be enjoyed. This is not a place to come if you’re in a rush. While I’m sure they could rush everything, it would spoil the quality. We were given just enough time for the food to settle and then our two main dishes came out. We both shared the Sous-vide Alberta Pork Belly (served with potato puree, pickled carrots, and stewed black mission figs) and the Daily Market Risotto (made fresh with parmesan and mascarpone). Both were extremely delicious. I’m really glad that chef prepared what he thought was best, otherwise, I never would have ordered the Pork Belly. It doesn’t sound appealing (at least to me) and normally I don’t like food with a fatty texture. However, once again, the chef used his impeccable skills to tantalize our tastebuds. The pork belly was very tender and soft. It was almost as if it melted in your mouth and yet, the exterior was crisp. The stewed fig dressing added a slightly sweet touch to the dish. The Risott0 dish was equally “out of this world”. Each spoonful was rich, creamy, and cheesy. It also had a “melt-in-your-mouth” texture, which made every spoonful a pure delight.

Main menu Belvedere Calgary

Pork Belly Belvedere Calgary

Risotto the Belvedere Calgary

Sticky Toffee The Belvedere Calgary

Then came dessert. Although our bellies were full, we couldn’t pass up a warm plate of Sticky Toffee Pudding, which comes with Crème Fraîche and Treacle Sauce. How can you go wrong? Rich and sweet. Warm and soft. It was the perfect ending to an amazing experience.

What We Think About The  Belvedere

Our experience at the Belvedere was nothing short of amazing. We loved the food, we loved the ambiance, and we also got to meet the owner Clayton, who goes table to table talking with his customers. He told us the story of his chef and explained how our meal was prepared. Equally amazing to the experience though was the price. Our entire meal (two glasses of wine, fresh bread, an appetizer, two mains, one dessert) came to just $88! For the cost of an average meal at most franchise restaurants in Calgary, you can have delicious, chef-prepared gourmet food at The Belvedere.

This is easily our new favourite restaurant.

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