Rising to New Heights at the CN Tower

The CN Tower has been an icon for Canada since the day it was built. It’s no surprise that a visit to Toronto isn’t complete without the jaw-dropping view of the city that only the CN Tower (or a helicopter?) could provide.

cn tower toronto

So that’s just what we did on our recent visit to the nation’s biggest city. We were told to get there before 11AM when the huge crowds begin to pour in. We weren’t interest in 2-hour lineups so we woke up at 7:30AM, had breakfast and then walked to the tower, which was 45 minutes from our hotel.

CN Tower Toronto

At about 9:30 in the morning, we were being loaded onto the elevators of the CN Tower, where we were “shot” up into the sky at speeds of  22 Km/h. Prepare for some ear pressure as you reach a height of 346m. The CN Tower is one of the world’s highest observation towers giving visitors impressive views of both Toronto and Lake Ontario.

Cn Tower toronto ontario

We looked out over the many skyscrapers dotting the city and tried finding Canada’s Wonderland in the distance. We then peered out over Lake Ontario, which is so big that it looks like an ocean. We even watched planes land at a nearby airport on Lake Ontario. Right below the CN Tower is the Rogers Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays play. Come here at night when a game is playing and you can not only watch the endless amount of city lights but can also see a live Blue Jays game from above, which looks a lot like the only Nintendo NES system. Visitors can also test their nerves by walking across the glass floor, a very popular attraction at the tower.

For those looking for more of an adventure, the CN Tower offers EdgeWalk, which just-so-happens to be the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk. At a height of 1168 feet (116 storeys), thrill seekers can lean back over the the rail with nothing but the air and views below them. It was booked solid when we were there but it looked like a great time.

For those less inclined for something so daring, how about a romantic meal in the rotating restaurant? Food just tastes better when your peering out over a city from 116 storeys up.

Whether it’s a jaw-dropping view of a major city, a romantic dinner or a thrill-seeking adventure, the CN Tower has something to offer. Just watch out for the busy summer months when the afternoons give way to 2-hour waits. Get there early!