Things To Do in New Brunswick

Highlights From The Road to 150 New Brunswick Episode

New Brunswick surprised us in so many ways. From kayaking some of the highest tides in the world to walking around the historic streets of Fredericton, we experienced so much in such little time. We walked on the ocean floor during low tide, rappelled down a cliff at Cape Enrage, went back in time at King’s Landing, zip-lined over a canyon in Grand Falls, and stumbled across a military ceremony in Fredericton where we got to see a new commanding officer take charge complete with a marching band, marching soldiers, and the opportunity to go inside a LAV.

We also learned many new things, including:

  • New Brunswick is the birthplace of the Canadian Military
  • New Brunswick is officially the only bilingual province in Canada
  • The province’s name comes from a city in Northern Germany

New Brunswick is also relatively sparse in population, leaving tons of room for visitors to explore the vast natural landscapes of the province. Whether you’re looking for quaint seaside towns, small historical cities, beautiful natural scenery, delicious seafood, or fun adrenaline activities like rappelling and zip-lining, New Brunswick is the place for you!

Things To Do in New Brunswick

We started our trip by staying near Hopewell Rocks, which is the most popular natural attraction in the province. We walked on the ocean floor and then kayaking the same area a few hours later. We then visited the nearby scenic area of Cape Enrage where we got to go rappelling down a cliff and zip-lining near the coast. Afterward, we drove through the scenic coastal towns of Alma and St. Andrews, as well as taking the time to see the reversing falls in Saint John and the breathtaking views of Fundy National Park. We then spent a couple of nights in the beautiful city of Fredericton where we had delicious German food, watched a military ceremony, and paid a visit to the historical living museum of King’s Landing. We finished off our short visit to New Brunswick by driving through the world’s longest covered bridge and zip-lining over the canyon in Grand Falls. We only experienced some of the highlights of this wonderful province and can’t wait to return.

Cape Enrage

Below is a list of what we did, where we stayed, and what we recommend doing in New Brunswick.

Things to Do Around the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world as well as many opportunities for adventure, quaint little towns, and scenic views.

Hopewell Rocks

No visit to New Brunswick would be complete without a visit to Hopewell Rocks, one of the most famous attractions in the Maritimes. This is a really cool spot to witness the dramatic changing tides and to see the unique “flowerpot” rock formations that the area is known for. Make sure you stay for both low tides and high tide!

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Kayaking with Baymount Outdoor Adventures

One of the best things to do in New Brunswick is to go kayaking in and around the famous Hopewell Rocks. This is an incredible way to experience the tides as you get to walk on the ocean floor and then kayak the same spot within a couple of hours. You’ll also get to go in between some of the cave formations, which is a really cool adventure.

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things to do in Hopewell Rocks

kayaking hopewell rocks

The Maplegrove Inn Bed and Breakfast

One of the things we loved about the Maritimes is all the lovely bed and breakfasts and the Maplegrove Inn was one of the best. Located just 10 minutes from Hopewell Rocks and 20 minutes from Cape Enrage, this heritage home is right in the middle of all the action. The owners are great, the breakfast is gourmet, the area is beautiful, and they even make their own maple syrup, which you get to eat with homemade french toast. We also did a short walk behind their house and stumbled upon an old graveyard (as old as the 1700’s!) and an outstanding view of the Bay of Fundy!

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Cape Enrage

Not far from Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park lies Cape Enrage, a beautiful coastal area that’s perfect for sightseeing, eating with a view, and adventurous activities such as rappelling and zip-lining. One of our favourite stops in New Brunswick!

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St. Andrews by the Sea

This lovely little coastal resort town sits next to Maine, USA. In fact, you can cross on a nearby ferry! We really liked the block house, which is managed by Parks Canada. It might just be the smallest Parks Canada site in the country!

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things to do in new brunswick

Things to Do Around Fredericton

Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick and the third largest city in the province. It’s very quaint and historic and has a lovely downtown to explore. Our time was short but we got to learn some history, try some delicious food, and even stumbled upon a military ceremony to welcome in a new commanding officer. Very cool!

Fredericton Inn

This massive hotel is located right next to the biggest mall in the city, making it a really convenient place to stay. You’ll also find a pool, numerous meeting rooms, and a breakfast that serves up a hearty breakfast.

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City Hall

Hope to the visitor centre, this is a great place to visit to learn about what to do in the area as well as take their free tapestry walking tour, which brings you into the room where decisions are made. You’ll see fantastic tapestry artwork and learn about the history of the city. You’ll also get to see a really cool old Victorian clock. Highly recommended!

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things to do in new brunswick

The Schnitzel Parlour

This really good German restaurant is a must-visit when in Fredericton. Not only are the owners very friendly but they infuse almost everything with chocolate! The salad, the dressing, the schnitzels, the dessert, and the German beer are all incredibly delicious! Almost everything is made in-house and they don’t add any preservatives. They’re also famous for their chocolate truffles and cakes! If you’re in Fredericton, you really should eat here. If you do, say hi to Uwe and Beate for us!

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King’s Landing

This historical living museum is just 20 minutes away from Fredericton. We only found out about this place last minute but are so happy we did. If you want to learn about life in New Brunswick during the 1800’s, this is the place to go! You’ll find a “living” village where actors portray the lives of villages back in the day, complete with a variety of historical buildings, artisan’s, and livestock. The show they put on is truly fantastic and the scenery is beautiful. There’s so much to do here that some people spend two full days exploring the area. This is one place we will definitely explore further when we return!

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things to do in fredericton

Things to Do Around Grand Falls

We didn’t have time to truly explore the area around Grand Falls but since we had to pass through to visit Quebec, we made sure to try out some zip-lining, which was incredible.

ZipZag Zip-lining

If there’s one thing you do in Grand Falls, make sure it’s zip-lining! We had so much fun here and the scenery is gorgeous. You’ll get to zip-line over a waterfall and a canyon. You can even go “Superman” style and lay on your stomach for added speed!

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Hartland Bridge

Located just off the highway between Fredericton and Grand Falls is the small community of Hartland, which is home to the longest covered bridge in the world. If you’re short on time, it’s worth just driving across it.

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Exploring New Brunswick

As you can see in the video, we had a great time in New Brunswick. There are so many things to do in New Brunswick, especially for those who love nature. From waterfalls in Fundy National Park and beaches covered in fossilized rocks to historical small cities and delicious seafood, New Brunswick is a really cool province to explore. Packing all of Canada into just 150 days was no easy task and our visit to New Brunswick wasn’t nearly enough time to do everything we’d like to do. We hope this list gives you a starting point for planning your visit to the province and we can’t wait to return one day and explore the area much deeper.

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  1. Lovely visit you had, but do come back – you missed over half of the province! There’s so much more 😍