Things To Do in Quebec

Highlights From The Road to 150 Quebec Episode

Quebec is a big province full of history, nature, and diverse cities. As Canada’s only primarily French speaking province, it’s quite different than the rest of the country. Also, due to the complicated history between the English and the French, Quebec has always strived to create and keep its own identity, which is quite apparent in the pride they have for their own flag and other cultural practices. We learned so much during our time in the province and had a lot of fun exploring the cities and the surrounding nature.

With historical cities like Old Quebec, diverse cities like Montreal, and natural attractions like Mont Tremblant and the St. Lawrence Saguenay Seaway, Quebec is an exciting province to explore.

things to do in quebec

Things to Do in Quebec

We had less than two weeks to explore Canada’s largest province and thanks to a lot of rain, some activities were cut short. Below is a list of what we did and the companies that helped make it happen.

Things to Do in the St. Lawrence and Saguenay Seaway

AML Whale Watching Tour

Located just three hours from Quebec City in the small town of Tadoussac, AML Cruises offers some of the best whale watching tours in Canada. During our tour, we saw an array of minke whales, seals, birds, and belugas, which swam quite close to the boat. We did this once in July as well and saw dozens of humpback whales breach the water!

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things to do in quebec city

Things to Do in Quebec City

Historical Walking Tour

Thanks to its charming cobblestone streets and European feel, Old Quebec is one of the most visited areas in all of Canada. It really is a beautiful place but it’s much better if you take a historical walking tour to learn about the history of one of Canada’s oldest cities. We did ours with Xavier from and he was both excellent and passionate at telling us all about local areas and taking us around the city for some good vantage points to take photos from. highly recommended!

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AML Cruise

If you’d like a relaxing sightseeing tour of the surrounding area, this might be the tour for you. You’ll get live commentary from a costumed member of the crew and you’ll get to see Old Quebec, Montmorency Falls, and other sights from the boat. Another option if you’re just looking for a view of Old Quebec is to take the ferry to Levis.

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Montmorency Falls

If you like waterfalls, Montmorency Falls is a great place to go! This powerful waterfall is actually taller than Niagara Falls and can be seen from all sorts of angles thanks to the walking loop, which includes a bridge that lets you peek down over the falls. If you don’t mind getting wet, you can then walk to the lower platform where you’ll feel the power of the falls as the water, wind, and mist pelt you like a hurricane. This was my favourite part of the walking loop as it felt like such an adventure. It’s really impressive how powerful the waterfall is. You can then take a scenic gondola back up to the top.

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Huron-Wendat Museum

If you’re looking to learn about the indigenous culture around Quebec City, this is the place to go. Not only is it a beautiful building filled with artifacts but there’s also a real traditional long house that you can walk in and experience. I had no idea these existed until I visited this museum. We then made bannock over the fire. Amazing place!

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things to do in montreal

Things to Do in Montreal

Local Montreal Food Tours

For a city known for its vibrant food scene, taking a food tour around the city is a good thing to do. We did the Old Montreal food tour, which consisted of a very special bagel, poor man’s pudding, ice cream, shepherd’s pie, and some craft beer. I’m sure the “menu” changes all the time but if you want a little bit of Old Montreal history mixed with some food, this is the tour for you.

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Montreal Biosphere

This one-of-a-kind museum is dedicated to the environment and is located in the former pavilion of the United States for the 1967 World Fair, Expo 67. It’s a beautiful place and a great way to learn about climate change, how the environment works, and our effect on the planet. There’s really cool exhibits and a 4D, 360-degree theater.

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ziplining mont tremblant

Things to Do in Mont Tremblant & Surrounding Area

Just 2-hours outside of Montreal is the Mont Tremblant ski resort and national park. This is a great place to go for experiencing nature and trying a variety of activities.


Whether you take the gondola both ways or hike to the top and take it down, seeing the surrounding area from the top of the mountain is a must-do. You’ll see the beautiful Laurentian mountains in all their glory as well as the village.

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Ziptrek Ecotours

If you like zip lines or have always wanted to try one, this is one of the best in Canada! Five zip-lines, some of which are over 3,000 feet long, will take you across various mountains, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h while enjoying mind-blowing views. You can even go upside down! Ziptrek Ecotours also takes the time to teach you about the local environment and ecology. This was a blast!

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Birds of Prey Apprentice-Falconer Walk

Have you ever wanted to see a hawk up close? How about having one land on your arm? The Apprentice-Falconer Walk is an incredible experience. I was mesmerized by the incredible agility of the hawk and how effortlessly he flew from tree to tree and right onto my arm to eat his raw chicken. It was a beautiful experience and afterwards, we went to the Birds of Prey show, where we got to see different owls, birds, and a bald eagle up close and personal. Highly recommended.

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things to do in canada

things to do in mont tremblant

Mont-Tremblant Treehouses

If you’re looking for a place to get into nature, I highly recommend staying at Les Refuges Perches, otherwise known as Mont-Tremblant Treehouses. Located right on a quiet lake, the only annoyance you might find is a woodpecker in a nearby tree. You can’t even drive to the treehouse. You either have to walk 20-minutes or paddle a canoe for 12-minutes, which adds to the adventure. You’ll get a campfire, a dock for the canoe, and a beautiful tree-house that’s fully equipped. We really loved swimming in the lake, paddling the canoe, and walking around the various trails. Back at the main lodge, you’ll find hot clean showers and WiFi if you need it. This was one of our favorite experiences during our trip across Canada.

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Once again, two weeks was just not enough to fully explore the huge province of Quebec but it certainly gave us a good taste! We hope you find this list useful in planning your next adventure and if you have any other recommendations, please let us know!

You can learn more about our 150-day Canadian road trip by clicking here.



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