Best Things To Do In Saskatchewan

Highlights From The Road to 150 Saskatchewan Episode

Often known as an incredibly flat province, nothing could be further from the truth. With lush boreal forests and pristine lakes in the North to prairie landscapes and badlands in the South, Saskatchewan is the perfect place for outdoor lovers to explore.

We drove a pontoon boat around Lake Waskesiu, learned about the province’s first nations at Wanuskewin Heritage Centre, and went for a float in Canada’s version of the dead sea. We also toured the RCMP Heritage Centre, witnessed the RCMP sunset ceremony, climbed a massive sand dune, and hiked through one of the few remaining natural grasslands in North America. We packed a lot of adventures into our short visit and can’t wait to return one day and explore the province further.

We also learned many new things, including:

  • Regina is home to the RCMP training academy. All RCMP officers go through training in this very spot!
  • Grasslands National Park is home to the rarest wildlife in Canada!
  • Canada’s version of the dead sea, the salty lake of little Manitou, is located right between Saskatoon and Regina!

There is so much to do in Saskatchewan, especially for those who love the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for incredible natural parks to explore, small lakeside towns, or first nations culture, Saskatchewan is the place to be!

Things to do in saskatchewan

Things To Do in Saskatchewan

We started our trip off in Prince Albert National Park. We made it there just in time for an incredible sunset and then spent the next couple of days hiking, boating, and meeting the locals. We then went to Saskatoon, which is home to the lovely Wanuskewin Heritage Centre. We then continued south to Little Lake Manitou before landing in Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital city. Here we visited the RCMP Heritage Centre, watched the RCMP sunset ceremony, walked around Wascana Centre and even made an appearance on Global television. We then moved south to Grasslands National Park and stayed in a tipi under the darkest dark sky preserve in Canada before making a short visit to the Great Sandhills area.

Below is a list of what we did, where we stayed, and the companies that helped make this journey possible. We’d also love to give a special shout out to Best Western International for helping to make this entire 150-day road trip happen.

Things To Do Around Prince Albert National Park

This massive national park is home to beautiful Northern lakes, a variety of hiking trails, and hordes of wildlife. It’s also home to the famous cabin of Grey Owl, a world-acclaimed naturalist, author and orator from the early 1900’s.

Armstrong Hillcrest Cabins: Whether you choose the cabins or the motel, this is a wonderful and cozy place to stay during your time in Waskesiu. We had a half kitchen to prepare meals (cabins have full kitchens), patio bbq’s, and we were just steps from the beach! The owners are also lovely and even prepared a welcome basket for us upon our arrival.

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best things to do in saskatoon

Things To Do Around Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a beautiful Northern Canadian city, which is also known as both the city of bridges and Paris of the Prairies. Here you’ll find incredible restaurants, a wealth of Art Nouveau architecture, the Wanuskewin Heritage Centre, and so much more.

Wanuskewin Heritage Centre

This wonderful place is the perfect place to learn about Saskatchewan’s first nations, not only through the museum but also through the land itself. In fact, Wanuskewin is an archeological goldmine, with discoveries that take us back as far as 6,000 years. Wanuskewin is also Canada’s longest-running archaeological dig! There are also many ways to get interactive including guided walks, performances, and the chance to spend the night in a tipi.

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Park Town Hotel

We couldn’t have picked a better hotel to rest our heads in Saskatoon. Located right in the heart of the city and next to the beautiful South Saskatchewan River, Park Town Hotel is home to one of the cities most popular weekend breakfast buffets at Four Seasons Restaurant, as well as a comedy club, Irish Pub, and martini bar! The beds were incredibly comfortable, the WiFi was great, and the room was just perfect. Highly recommended!

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park hotel saskatoon

Things to do in regina

Things To Do Around Regina

Saskatchewan’s capital city, also known as Queen City, is the cultural and commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan. This was our first time spending a few nights in Regina and we were thrilled to get a chance to explore the cities beautiful parks and unique attractions.

RCMP Heritage Centre

If you want to learn all about Canada’s iconic national police force, this is the place to go! There are so many interesting facts and stories, as well as artifacts and interactive games. There are so many things to do including solving a crime, virtual reality exhibits,  and even an arcade game where you can drive a police car! Even kids would have a blast here!

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Best things to do in regina

RCMP Sunset-Retreat Ceremony

Located right next to the RCMP Heritage Centre is the RCMP training academy where all RCMP officers in the country are trained. Tours can be taken throughout the year but the Sunset-Retreat Ceremony is a special Canadian-signature event that happens on select days during the summer. It lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes military music, the lowering of the Canadian flag, the March Past, and a troop drill display performed by cadets dressed in the famous scarlet tunic.

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Royal Saskatchewan Museum

If you’re interested in learning about Saskatchewan’s natural history and aboriginal cultures, past and present, you should visit the Royal Saskatchewan museum. We loved the Life Sciences Gallery, where we learned so much about the flora and fauna in the province as well as the First Nations Gallery, which included so many beautiful artifacts from the local indigenous groups. The museum is actually pay-by-donation and is located in the most beautiful area in Regina – Wascana Centre. In fact, we highly recommend taking some time to explore the park and getting a taste of inner-city nature.

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things to do in saskatchewan

Things To Do in Southern Saskatchewan

Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is a truly accessible “off-the-beaten-path” slice of extraordinary nature. It’s so unique compared to other parks in Canada and is home to some of Canada’s rarest wildlife. If you want to really experience natural grasslands, badlands, and prairies, this is an incredible place to explore. Plus, there are tons of hikes, scenic drives, and camping options, which include spending a night in a tipi!

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Things to do in Saskatchewan

best things to do in saskatchewan

Exploring Saskatchewan

We were all so excited to explore this often underrated province. I think most people drive through on the flat Trans-Canada highway and think it’s the same everywhere. Those people are missing out because there are so many things to do in Saskatchewan. From beautiful lakes and boreal forest in the North to incredible prairie landscapes and badlands in the South, we had a blast in Saskatchewan and can’t wait to return one day and explore the province further.

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