Best Things To Do in Manitoba

Highlights From The Road to 150 Manitoba Episode

Right in the middle of Canada lies the province of Manitoba, which is home to the city of Winnipeg, some incredible lakes, and the polar bear and beluga whale capital of the world.

We learned about the history of human rights, did yoga with goats, learned about Canada’s history with the Hudson Bay Company, and snorkeled with beluga whales. We also relaxed in a Nordic-inspired spa, stood in the centre of Canada, and walked on the arctic tundra. We really packed a lot of adventures into our ten short days and can’t wait to return one day and explore the province further.

Did you know?

  • Churchill is not only home to polar bears but also to schools of beluga whales!
  • The character of James Bond was inspired by a spy from Winnipeg!
  • The Centre of Canada landmark is less than 30-minutes from Winnipeg!

Manitoba has so much to offer visitors from Canada and across the world. From the incredibly diverse city of Winnipeg to the vast wilderness of Churchill, there are so many things to see, do, and experience in Manitoba.

Center of Canada Landmark

Finding the Centre of Canada landmark near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Things To Do in Manitoba

We started our trip off in Winnipeg, taking time to explore the wonderful Canadian Museum for Human Rights and relaxing at Thermea Nordik Spa. We also drove north to Grand Beach to relax on the beach and to Lower Fort Garry Historical Site to learn about some of Canada’s history. We did some yoga with goats and then took a flight to the northern community of Churchill, where we jumped in the water and snorkeled with beluga whales. We only experienced some of the highlights of this wonderful province and have featured them in the video above.

Below is a list of what we did, where we stayed, and the companies that helped make this journey possible. We’d also love to give a special shout out to Best Western International for helping to make this entire 150-day road trip happen.

Best Things to do in winnipeg

Exploring Canada’s history at Lower Fort Garry Historical Site.

Things to Do Around Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a vibrant multicultural city with loads of incredible festivals during the summer months. Here you’ll find incredible museums, gorgeous Parliament buildings, historical areas, and so much more. You can also take a short drive out to the centre of Canada or visit the Canadian Mint. There’s so much to do in Winnipeg and here is a list of what we experienced during our time there.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Not only is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights the first museum dedicated to the evolution, celebration, and future of human rights. It’s also one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in the country. It can be heartbreaking to learn about the human rights violations that have happened in Canada and around the world but also a very important topic that everyone should learn about. You’ll also learn about the inspiring people who’ve fought for human rights and will leave the museum feeling inspired as well as getting one of the best views of the city.

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10 Acre Woods and Goat Yoga

This cool little farm is a must-visit for animal lovers wanting an up-close-and-personal experience with goats, pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits, sheep, and turkeys. 10 Acre Woods is an animal rescue “farm” and a petting zoo and seeing all the happy animals running around is a pure delight. In addition, this is the only place near Winnipeg where you can practice goat yoga, which is guided by Fabiola Marabotto. It’s really fun to have goats balancing on your back but Fabi also hosts yoga in the city if the “farm life” is not for you.

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Splash Dash Water Taxi

If you’re looking for a unique taxi service around the city or a tour around the river, you’ll want to visit Splash Dash Tours. We jumped on the boat while walking around the Forks and thought it was a fun and relaxing way to see the city. What a cool way to get where you need to go as well!

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Lower Fort Garry Historical Site

This national historic site is a former Hudson Bay Company trading post filled with some of Canada’s important history. As a “living museum”, costumed interpreters recreate life from the 1800’s, including a general store, blacksmith, and various households. You’ll also find Canada’s oldest collection of stone fur trade buildings!

Tip: After visiting Lower Fort Garry Historical Site, continue heading north to Grand Beach and experience one of the best lake beaches in all of Canada!

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Thermea Spa Winnipeg

Paradise in the middle of Winnipeg!

Thermëa Nordik Spa

This is truly paradise within the city. After 75 days on the road, this was like a dream. After an incredible 1-hour massage, we spent the entire day rotating between eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, dry saunas, hot pools, and relaxing in hammocks amongst the tall trees. There’s also a restaurant where we had a delicious lunch. I would literally travel to Winnipeg just to go to Thermëa. It’s that good.

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best things to do in manitoba

Inukshuk monument in Churchill, Manitoba

Things To Do in Churchill

Churchill is one of the places I’ve always dreamed of going. After all, it’s the world capital of polar bears and beluga whales. Most people only know about the polar bears, which are prevalent in October and November. However, in July and August, thousands of beluga whales migrate through the waters, allowing you to experience one of the most enchanting animals on Earth. Since Churchill is only accessible by plane (3-hours) or train (40-ish hours), this is almost as remote as it gets in Canada.

We went with Lazy Bear Expeditions, who put us up in a fancy hotel right in the heart of Winnipeg (Inn at the forks) before flying us up to Churchill to spend four nights in their lodge. We went boating on Zodiacs, toured around the tundra, took a boat ride all the way up the coast and into Nunavut waters, and snorkeling with belugas, which easily became one of the best memories of our entire lives.

Words can’t describe the feeling of being in the water and singing to dozens of belugas as they swim right next to you, looking right in your eyes. Listening to them communicate back to me sent shivers down my spine. I really can’t think of a more intimate and beautiful experience to have with another creature.

If you’re looking to visit Churchill, snorkel with belugas, or look for polar bears, I highly recommend Lazy Bear Expeditions.

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snorkeling with beluga whales canada

Snorkeling with beluga whales in Churchill, Manitoba.

Things To Do Around Riding Mountain National Park

This beautiful national park is a great place to go to experience cottage life. You can jump in for a swim in clear lake or hike one of the various trails. This is also one of the best parks I’ve seen for wildlife. We’ve seen many black bears, moose, and a variety of bird life there. Located just three hours northwest of Winnipeg, this is a park you shouldn’t miss while traveling across Canada.

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We’d also like to thank Tourism Manitoba for providing us with a couple nights of accommodation in Wasagaming. You can learn more about Manitoba at


Things to do in churchill manitoba

Exploring Churchill, Manitoba.

Exploring Manitoba

As you can see in the video, we had a great time in Manitoba. There are so many things to do in Canada’s middle province, including city life and vast nature. From beluga whales and polar bears in the north to massive lakes and gorgeous beaches around Winnipeg, Manitoba is a really cool province to explore. Packing all of Canada into just 150 days was no easy task and our visit to Manitoba wasn’t nearly long enough to do everything we would have liked to do. We hope this list gives you a starting point for planning your visit to the province and we can’t wait to return one day and explore the area much deeper.

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