Flying High Over the Canadian Rocky Mountains

“Look to your right” the Pilot said as we passed some mountain sheep resting high up on the cliff. It was amazing to fly so close to the mountain peak and witness these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. They were basically resting on the peak of a mountain! I fell in love with helicopters as we soared up high and over some of the most magical scenery in the world.

Helicopter Tour Rocky Mountains

It was only a few minutes prior that I was sitting in the office of Alpine Helicopter Tours, listening to a quick safety video and anticipating the adventure ahead. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and sunny weather. It’s incredible how quickly you can go from being at the base to being above the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Helicopter Tour Banff National Park

I was lucky enough to claim front seat, sitting beside the pilot and scoring mouth-watering views from the front window and from the window beneath my feet. We started off by flying over the Canmore river valley, a beautiful landscape of rivers, pine trees and mountains. We then flew right next to the Three Sister mountain peaks, scoring a sweet view of many turquoise-colored lakes. It is unbelievable how close the helicopter gets to the mountains, which surround you on all sides. We even flew right next to a couple of glaciers, which had some narrow waterfalls flowing off of them. As we soared over a mountain peak, I’d look down towards the window at my feet and imagine myself flying over the mountains without a helicopter. That’s what it felt like, reminding me of the opening of a BBC documentary when the camera pans over a beautiful landscape.

Helicopter Tour Canmore Alberta

Just being in a helicopter is a magical experience. Lifting up off the ground feels effortless and being able to land in a space fit for a car is remarkable. Jump in a helicopter that takes you throughout the Canadian Rockies and you can see why this would be a breathtaking activity.

Alpine Helicopter Tours Canmore

Blue skies, majestic mountains, turquoise lakes and rivers, mountain sheep and luscious pine-green forests make this helicopter journey a “must-do” activity in Western Canada.

Rocky Mountain Glacier

If you’re interested in this helicopter ride, click here to visit the Alpine Helicopter website where you can get all the details and book yourself in for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Their offices are based in Canmore, Alberta; one of the prettiest cities in the country.


Have you been in a helicopter before? Where was it? Share in the comments below!


  1. I went heli-hiking in the Rockies once and it was sensational. Good score for you for getting the front seat!

  2. I flew up to Assiniboine Lodge recently but on the day of the snowstorm so didn’t get the full grandeur. Sitting beside the pilot is always a bonus.


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