Shredding Powder in Fernie, BC

Fernie Skiing

I had long heard about the famous Fernie snow. From the time I started skiing at Mt.Norquay, people kept telling me that I had to experience Fernie. Finally, after six years, we made it happen.

Everyone was right. As Karla and I drove through Fernie and up to the resort, the snow was piled so high on the side of the street that we couldn’t even see the stores and restaurants. It reminded me of growing up in Fort.McMurray. As I checked the forecast on my phone, snow was predicted to fall for the next two weeks straight, including the three days we were there for. For non-skiers and snowboarders, snow is just a hassle, but for people who love to soar down the mountain with the cold air touching their face, fresh snow is like waking up to a warm plate of French Toast. It’s deliciously awesome.

Fernie Mountain Resort

We chose to stay slopeside at Lizard Creek Resort, which offers ski-in-ski-out accommodation. Since experiencing my first ski-in-ski-out accommodation in Panorama, I can’t get enough. Why get in the car every day and drive to the mountain when you can wake up, strap on the skis, and glide your way down from your room to the chairlift? This is the life!

From the day we arrived until the day we left, snow continued to blanket the area. We’d wake up at 8 am, make our own breakfast in the room (Lizard Creek Resort has full kitchens in every room!), and be the first on the chairlift at 9 am. There’s nothing quite as refreshing in the morning than sitting on the chairlift and taking in the stunning Rocky Mountain views while soft snowflakes touch your face.

I used to try comparing different Canadian ski resorts for their Rocky Mountain views but I’ve stopped doing that now. It’s too difficult. Fernie is no exception. From the top of the mountain, the landscape is simply spectacular. Normally, I speed down the mountain as fast as I can, but every now and then I have to stop and take it all in. I really can’t describe it with words so I’ll just share a bunch of photos.

Fernie Ski


Fernie Mountain

Skiing Fernie BC

Skiing Fernie

If you’re staying slopeside, there’s plenty of restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for pub food, fancy food, or beer, there’s something for everyone. Keep the vehicle parked in the heated underground parking of your lodge and just relax. If you’re looking for ambiance and fancy food, the best restaurant is Cirque Restaurant & Bar, which is located in Lizard Lodge. This is also where you’ll find the really cool Ice Bar, where you’ll get to sample vodkas at ultra-low temperatures. This is the only way to appreciate the true flavour of the vodkas, which come from around the world. Three shots will cost you $30, but if you go on Wednesday, the experience is only $15! This was a cool experience and I was surprised by how much better the Vodkas tasted in the cold. I particularly liked the Van Gogh Espresso-flavoured vodka, which tasted great on its own. Another interesting vodka was the Yukon Shine, which tasted a bit like tequila. Once we were done, we were told to smash the little shot glasses (they’re made of ice) on the floor. After all, they’re difficult to wash.

Lizard Lodge Resort Fernie

Fernie Ice Bar

Fernie Ice Bar

Vodka Ice Bar Fernie

For dinner, we went to Rusty Edge, which is just a 2-minute walk from the lodge. This is the place to go if you want great-tasting pub food and beer. For starters, we had a soft pretzel with cheese dip and fried pickles with ranch dip. Both were incredibly delicious. Next was our mains. I opted for the Chicken and Ribs while Karla opted for their Herbaceous Burger, both of which were incredibly tasty. The blackened chicken was cooked to perfection. Guacamole on a burger? Hell yes! All in all, the food was very good and highly recommended after a long day of shredding the mountain. After our meal and taking some time to let our huge meals digest, we went to one of the three outdoor hot tubs at Lizard Creek Lodge. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub outdoors in the winter after a full day of working out the legs.

Coffee on top of a mountain fernie

With an average of 875cm of snow each year, Fernie is one of the best places in Canada for shredding powder. Located in the Southeastern corner of British Columbia, it’s incredibly close to both Alberta and the border of Montana, USA. With 142 runs and five alpine bowls, Fernie Mountain Resort is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers.

You know what, just go to Fernie. It’s awesome!




  1. The mountains look so dreamy, and I love that there’s an ice bar there! I need to get out to BC!

  2. Wow! Fernie looks like an incredible place to ski. And staying slope-side is always the way to go 😀 I’m putting this on the list of must-dos when I explore Western Canada!


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