Standing on Top of the World | Thanks to the Banff Gondola

Banff Gondola

There’s not to many moments where I can truly say that it feels like I’m standing on top of the world. A feeling that comes when I look around me and see nothing but mountain peaks and distant civilization below.

This is the feeling that I get when I stand on top of Sulphur mountain in Banff, Alberta.


Getting up here was easy too. we (my fiancee and her family came with me) simply hopped on the Banff Gondola for the 10 minute ride to the top. Enjoying the surreal views as we rose to the top, I found myself taking hundreds of pictures while occasionally trying to scare my fiancées mother, who was afraid of the height.

With clear blue skies and a white blanket of snow on the ground, it was an amazing time to visit the mountain as well as show my Mexican side of the family one of the most beautiful places on earth. This was their first time seeing snow and experiencing freezing temperatures, so it was a thrill to bring them up to the top of a mountain for a chance to really see the insanely beautiful mountains surrounding them.

banff gondola

The views took their breath away. They kept telling me that it felt like a dream. It was the most beautiful landscape they had ever seen. Their first time standing on top of a mountain, high above the ground, towering far above the now-minature town. Crows flew overhead and the sun heated our cold cheeks.

Banff and the surrounding Canadian Rockies is  the #1 place I recommend to anyone visiting the western side of Canada. I’ve been all over the world and I haven’t found a place more beautiful than the area between Canmore, Alberta and British Columbia.

Banff Gondola

Driving across the flat prairies on route to Banff will be one of the prettiest jaw-dropping drives of your life. Within an hour of Calgary, the rockies suddenly rise sharp from the ground, towering over the land as you wind your car through the twisting highway. Looking out of the window, your eyes will be constantly looking up at the tall jagged  giants. In the winter, you’ll be rewarded with white capped peaks and snow covered pines. In the summer, you’ll be rewarding with beautiful luscious green forests, colorful flowers, and a beautiful contrast between green flora, blue skies, and grey mountains.

Banff Alberta

If your visiting Banff, the gondola is an absolute must-do. Don’t miss it. You can also hike up the mountain in about 2-hours and you’ll reach the same platform. The gondola, however, will give you outstanding views all the way to the top as well as that feeling of heights that only a gondola can provide. Try to go when the skies are blue to get the ultimate experience and the beautiful contrast of colors. This is one experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Bring a good camera and make sure you have enough time to truly enjoy the moment, grab a hot chocolate, and let it all sink in.

Find out more about the Banff Gondola by clicking here.




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